Fox (City) Manager Noble Arnold continued to maintain the Fox as Atlanta's first run movie house in the early 60's with the revitalization of the Moller organ in November 1963 (courtesy Joe Patten), and a restored Vertical sign  and new orchestra level seating in 1964.  This free institutional brochure from 1965 touts the improvements and includes photos of Bob Van Camp at the organ console.   

The brochure was touted in an ad in the April, 1965 issue of Atlanta Magazine.

 The cover drawing displays the corner rooftop attraction board which was installed in the late 40's and removed in the early 70's.  It utilized electrified changeable letters on a custom steel frame.

Charles Walker told me of his shock when one day in 1964 he saw a crane removing the Fox vertical sign.  He assumed that that was the end, but a month later the sign rehung, completely restored and relighted.

IATSE hand Cliff Clower was a great help to Joe Patten, whom he correctly viewed as the torch-bearer.

February 2017