"ATLANTA FOX ALBUM" (1975) by John McCall

 John McCall's "Atlanta Fox Album" was the first printed history of the Atlanta Fox Theatre as well as the first collection of photos, containing dozens of original architectural studies that few had ever seen.  When the Album first appeared in the newsletter of the American Theatre Organ Society in March, 1975, the future of the Fox was bleak indeed.  The eventual success of the Save the Fox movement is due in no small part to the Album, which netted $70,000 toward saving the Fox, and neither author McCall nor printer James Jobson, a fellow organ enthusiast, received any compensation whatsoever.  Grateful acknowledgement is made to Mr. McCall for permission to reproduce the Album, which can be downloaded in HD by clicking here.

Time-Life photographer Henry Groskinsky contributed the photo for the cover of the 1976 updated edition.  

May, 2022