Credit must be given to Ted Stevens (1934-1996),  the first Manager of the Atlanta Fox as a legit house, because he was hired into a impossible position.  Here was the only Movie Palace "to be saved," no bookings in sight and a two million dollar debt to be paid off against certain demolition.  He conceived of  "the quarters," 25 cents to be charged above the ticket price "for restoration."  Promoters railed against it, but he stood firm, and the financials of the early years show that the quarters marked all the difference between profit and loss.  

It was a brilliant stroke, later copied by many, and at the Fox "the quarters" have now become two dollars, their original purpose long forgotten.

This was the legacy of Ted Stevens of the Fox Theatre, Atlanta.

Below Ted (right) visiting Joe Patten in his not-yet-completed Fox Apartment in 1979.

Robert L. Foreman, Jr, photo